Dr. Anup Patel is passionate about delivering exceptional results to his patients. Learn more about the experience his patients have had with him by reading testimonials of their procedures and results.

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Dr. Anup Patel is passionate about delivering exceptional results to his patients. Learn more about the experience his patients have had with him by reading testimonials of their procedures and results.

Very impressed

After suffering for years with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, I finally decided to pursue surgery. I did my research and decided Orlando Hand Surgery Associates was going to be my first stop. They were able to get me in very quickly with Dr. Anup Patel, and I was very impressed with him just from our first meeting. I also really liked the fact that he specializes in reconstructive surgery. The office got my records from my previous doctor and was able to schedule me for surgery within a week…

Melissa W.

Dr. Patel is awesome!

Dr Patel is awesome! He gives the facts and no filler. He’s very caring and morally correct. I am a pro gamer who broke his finger, and with Dr. Patel’s guidance it healed as soon as it could. If you have any issues with your fingers or hands, Anup is the guy you want to see. He’s willing to work with you and always touches base with you. Also, the office has a short waiting room time, which is always nice…

Juan D

Caring and Compassionate!

I had a ruptured epl tendon. The night before the surgery, Dr. Patel personally called me to go over the details of the surgery, as well as answer any questions or concerns I might have. Dr. Patel doesn’t drop off after surgery. He follows up with phone calls, emails, and office visits. I would definitely recommend Dr. Patel if you are looking for a highly skilled surgeon who is caring and compassionate!

Elizabeth S.

Kind and Caring

Dr. Patel is absolutely amazing! He was so kind and caring through every step of a tragic accident with my daughter. He did an amazing job and has given my daughter encouragement to believe that she will be herself again in no time. The understanding and attention to detail provided during this difficult time was more than appreciated, and we couldn’t possibly thank him enough…

Ashley H.

Extremely Knowledgeable

Dr Patel listened, was personable, extremely knowledgeable and offered me a reasoned explanation on why he believed open surgical carpal tunnel release would be the best course of treatment for me. His advice was opposed to what I thought I wanted, but I listened to him. He sent me research reflecting why he believed open surgical repair was my best option. I never once felt pressured, and I even said to him that I needed to go home and digest what had been discussed, as it was not what I thought was going to happen…

Mark I.

Really Good

I have never been through a hospital situation in my life and this whole scenario scared me a bit. However, Dr. Patel was great and comforting and really good at taking care of every detail. I could not be more thankful to him and his staff. He did a surgery on my ring finger and it looks great now.

Caio R.

Was so impressed.

I first met Dr. Anup Patel on an emergency basis after suffering a terrible triad elbow injury, a complete shattering my elbow during a slip and fall. I briefly scanned his qualifications, was so impressed, and immediately at ease when I met him and he explained the surgery to me that was the next day. The day of the surgery he again explained everything and reassured me I was in good hands. During the surgery, Dr. Patel discovered that my elbow was too damaged to save, and he ended up putting in a prosthetic elbow and screw…

Sherri S.

Yale med school?

After injuring my hand cooking, I quickly looked for the best specialist I could find to repair the damage. Did you see the bio on this guy? Yale med school? Looks like he got an MBA while he was there. Was that just for fun? He sits on all sorts of boards and committees. Anyone with that much schooling has to be good. Sure enough, he was. Within 24-hours of my injury, Dr Patel was able to do a consult and get me into the ER to clean out the wound and repair…

Sara S.

Dr. Patel is honest

I broke my distal radius requiring a skeletal plate repair. My general practitioner informed me of the importance of getting this repaired properly and by the best. He referred me to Orlando Hand Surgery Associates. I had the good fortune of having Dr. Anup Patel consult with me and subsequently operate on me. Dr. Patel is honest, thorough and has shown genuine concern for my circumstances and full recovery. He personally called me after my surgery to check my progress…

Tania R.

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